Tag: facebook groups

by Julie Keck

1. How the Online Hate Mob Set Its Sights on Me (Jon Ronson / Guardian) 2. Bezos Takes Hands-On Role at Washington Post (Lukas I. Alpert & Jack Marshall / New York Times) 3. What Was Fake on the Internet This Week: Why This is the Final Column (Caitlin Dewey / Washington Post) 4. Nursing […] more »

by Nathan Gibbs

Education content on MediaShift is sponsored by the USC Annenberg nine-month M.A. in Specialized Journalism. USC’s highly customized degree programs are tailored to the experienced journalist and gifted amateur. Learn more about how USC Annenberg is immersed in tomorrow. It’s difficult to deny that social media platforms are changing the face of modern communication. Online […] more »

by Anthony Calabrese

There is a major shift going on in politics this election cycle, with more candidates and campaigns using social media and technology to boost their chances. From today until the U.S. midterm elections on Nov. 2, MediaShift presents an in-depth special report, PoliticalShift 2010, with data visualizations, analysis, a 5Across video roundtable and live CoverItLive […] more »

by Jen Lee Reeves

I was wrapping up a normal evening of checking through my newsroom’s content before bed when I noticed I had been invited to a Facebook group. This was about seven hours after Mark Zuckerberg and his team introduced a number of changes to groups. The change that most piqued my interest was the new groups […] more »