Tag: e-learning

by Kathleen Bartzen Culver

It was the mother of all educator ironies. I was in a class to learn how to effectively do “blended learning” — the combination of in-person and online course activities to improve student learning. Planted at Starbucks with laptop, iPad, headphones and the largest caffeine-hyped iced tea they could brew me, I stared at the […] more »

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

1. How journalism schools are trying to connect classroom to newsroom (Jon Marcus / Neiman Lab) 2. Coursera chief: Reach of teaching will define great universities (Steve Kolowich / The Chronicle of Higher Education) 3. Open-access journal underdogs take on aging academic publications (D. Frank Smith / EdTech Higher Education) 4. Opinion: Why we are […] more »

by Claire Groden

This week, in honor of MediaShift’s launch of EducationShift, we’re turning our gaze to one of the biggest issues in higher education: digital disruption — with the advent of online education, e-learning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). If the New York Times called 2012 “The Year of the MOOC,” then two years later, it’s […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Tumblr abruptly closes down its Storyboard project (PaidContent.org) 2. Why Yahoo really bought Summly (Business Insider) 3. Aereo has TV networks circling the wagons (NYT) 4. The disruptive potential of native advertising (Reuters) 5. CourseSmart e-textbooks tell teachers if students do their reading (NYT) 6. The new résumé: It’s 140 characters (WSJ) Subscribe to […] more »

by Doug Ward

The rush to create large, free online classes has generated anxiety at universities around the country. With finances already tight and with a surge of movement toward online learning, universities are being forced to move quickly to change centuries-old models of learning. Terms like historic, seismic and revolutionary now pop up in descriptions of the […] more »

by Amy Eisman

“Beyond J-School 2011” is sponsored by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, which offers an intensive, cutting edge, three semester Master of Arts in Journalism; a unique one semester Advanced Certificate in Entrepreneurial Journalism; and the CUNY J-Camp series of Continuing Professional Development workshops focused on emerging trends and skill sets in the industry. This […] more »