Tag: digital marketing

by Reuben Stern

Reported by Reuben Stern and Olga Kyle. This week we will explore personalized experiences with news and advertising, as envisioned by leaders at the Washington Post and iStrategy Labs. PART 1: Personalization ideas from The Washington Post Digital leaders at the Washington Post say they want to give news consumers of the future a personalized […] more »

by Alex Kantrowitz

As she made her way into a Wilmington, Del., courthouse last week, attorney Jennifer Lublinski saw a man pull out a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol and start firing. The man, Thomas Matusiewicz, turned the gun on his former daughter-in-law and her friend, then shot two police officers before finally pointing the gun at his own head […] more »

by Mya Frazier

In certain teen social circles, it’s considered a subtle act of arrogance, a signifier of the loner, to use a solo photo of yourself for your Facebook profile. Digital natives may have earned their reputation as the “entitlement generation,” but apparently there are some social limits to their unabashed self-regard. In fact, there’s compelling evidence […] more »