Tag: crackstarter

by Mark Glaser

Crowdfunding site Indiegogo, launched in 2008, was a pioneer in helping anyone anywhere raise money from anyone in the world. While the site now has much more competition from venture-backed startups such as Kickstarter or niche sites such as CrowdSupply, Indiegogo has recently seen an uptick in high profile journalism-related campaigns. There was the “Crackstarter” […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Turkish protesters use Indiegogo to raise over $50k for full-page New York Times ad (Mediaite) 2. Penguin CEO takes stand in Apple e-books antitrust case (Reuters) 3. Rob Ford crack video Gawker crowdfunded over $200k to buy might be ‘gone’ (Gawker) 4. US government asked AP for $1 million for secret email addresses (The Atlantic) 5. Tracing the online links between civic engagement […] more »