1. Turkish protesters use Indiegogo to raise over $50k for full-page New York Times ad (Mediaite)

2. Penguin CEO takes stand in Apple e-books antitrust case (Reuters)

3. Rob Ford crack video Gawker crowdfunded over $200k to buy might be ‘gone’ (Gawker)

4. US government asked AP for $1 million for secret email addresses (The Atlantic)

5. Tracing the online links between civic engagement and the revival of local journalism (Nieman)

6. Cord-cutting is real, but the cable guys are safe…for now (AllThingsD)

7. Hulu bidders bring range of strategies to takeover fight (Bloomberg)

8. Company sues tech giants claiming podcasting patent breach (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

9. The mystery of ‘dark social’ (Folio)

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