Tag: competition

by Erica Molfetto

By the time Michael Dell, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg had changed the course of computing, all three had dropped out of college. What if there were ways to enable students to build innovative businesses within their college classrooms? What if there were outlets in which young minds could work to solve real-world problems while garnering […] more »

by Claire Groden

On Wednesday, Amazon released its newest device, the $99 Fire TV, that aims to make a better set-top box for streaming video on TVs. It’s not drone delivery, but it does make the leap from offering streaming content with Amazon Prime to offering a piece of hardware that connects to the TV — putting Amazon […] more »

by Josh Stearns

As this site explores the promises and pitfalls of collaborative journalism, I’m particularly interested in the invisible and often porous boundary between collaboration and consolidation. Many of the same technological changes and economic pressures that have driven the development of collaborative journalism are also driving media consolidation; in both cases, proponents argue that benefits include […] more »