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by Clare Carr

This story was originally published on the Parse.ly blog. Why do we want to know more about what our audiences read? Analytics and metrics provide us with a window into our success, a mirror to hold up and say: does this look as good as I think it does? But too much time looking in […] more »

by Tim Cigelske

We asked what you wanted out of our new metrics section. You answered. Nearly 200 readers took a poll to help us shape the coverage of media metrics, which we have begun to roll out with articles on predictions, case studies, tool explainers and more. In the process of the poll, we learned more about […] more »

by Burton DeWilde

This article was originally published on the Chartbeat blog. It is republished here with permission. Consumption of news video online has been on the rise for years, in terms of both time spent watching and percentage of news consumers who watch. This trend is expected to continue. Accordingly, revenue from video display ads has also increased, […] more »

by Josh Stearns

When we talk about transparency in journalism we tend to discuss it in terms of the people and institutions we cover, or as an alternative to unrealistic notions of objectivity. However, transparency can also be a tool for fostering deeper community engagement with journalism, and a fundamental part of how we make the case for […] more »

by Reuben Stern

This week we look at two startups that make the audience a central part of the journalistic process. PART 1: Grasswire Using a combination of voting and hashtag responses, Grasswire relies on its users to help make news reports more accurate and complete. Co-founder Austen Allred tell us how the crowdsourcing site aims to be […] more »

by Joy Mayer

PBS MediaShift is launching a new series of online training courses called DigitalEd, in partnership with the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute and BigMarker. These one-hour live courses will help teach practical digital skills with experienced instructors. Title: How to Measure Impact for Your Crucial Content Instructor: Joy Mayer, Associate Professor at the Missouri School […] more »

by Sonia Paul

With the recent release of his new book “Engaged Journalism: Connecting with Digitally Empowered News Audiences,” it seemed like high time to have a long conversation with Jake Batsell on the future of news. The journalism instructor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, previous Seattle Times and Dallas Morning News reporter, and now, book author, was inspired to research […] more »

by Molly Wright Steenson

It was the final stretch before the new semester, the week when I shuffle course materials into digital and paper readers. It was also the week in which I launch my course blogs. That day, a tweet from Steven Levy caught my eye. Epic @carr2n syllabus for his lucky students. Big bonus: he’s using @medium to the […] more »

by Reuben Stern

Reporting by Reuben Stern, Olga Kyle, Laura Davison, Chelsea Stuart and Sarah Harkins. This week the RJI Futures Lab explores how newsroom design might affect coverage, how to connect stories with their proper audience and how the New York Times made its pay model work. PART 1: Collaborative newsroom layouts Many traditional newsrooms have changed […] more »

by Mark Glaser

It’s been a long time since our last MediaShift Survey back in 2006, the year after we launched. If you don’t remember back that far, MediaShift was just a one-man blog run by me. Since that time, we’ve added the Idea Lab site, the Collaboration Central site, and expanded our coverage to include hundreds of […] more »