Tag: advice

by Meagan Doll

EdShift curator Katy Culver recently posted a question to the ONA Educators group on Facebook. As we were gearing up for this series, she asked, what was their best advice for people teaching for the first time? Here are some of their replies, a roadmap for getting it right in teaching. Amy Simons Assistant Professor […] more »

by Ryan Frank

I have a confession: I was part of the problem for American newspapers. In 2005, I had just started covering City Hall, and I felt like my newspaper career had taken off. I covered people in suits walking fast through an important building. I measured my success by how many times I landed on the […] more »

by Alfred Hermida

The ISOJ at University of Texas It’s an anxious time to be graduating from journalism school. The economy is in the tank and newsrooms are being decimated. But yet, it is also a great time to be a journalist, with more news and information available than ever before and more ways than ever to reach […] more »