Tag: ad network

by Dorian Benkoil

At the recent Collab/Space 2012 event, more hands shot up when Journalism Accelerator’s Emily Harris asked who was interested in generating revenue than for any other question. Clearly, there’s big interest in collaborating to earn money. Here, then, are some pointers on collaborating to earn revenue and otherwise improve business performance. Share The Pie to […] more »

by Andria Krewson

Promises of whiter teeth, IQ quizzes, and digital dancing people clutter online ads these days. At the same time, experts at future-of-journalism conferences are declaring that news will never again be solely supported by advertising. Neither one tells the full story of the present and future of online advertising for hyper-local and other news websites. […] more »

by Simon Owens

“It doesn’t matter what Internet business you’re in,” Richard Jalichandra, the CEO of blog search engine Technorati told me recently. “You’re either going to have direct or indirect competition with Google and that’s just the way it is…[Google is] not the 800 pound gorilla, it’s the 80,000 pound gorilla.” But unlike most competitors to Google, […] more »