Michael J. Epstein

As part of New York-based "CRG Partners":http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_US/us/Services/Financial-Advisory-Services/corporate-restructuring-financial-advisory/index.htm, Michael J. Epstein (michael.epstein@crgpartners.com) specializes in turnaround, crisis management and financial advisory services activities in both middle market and large transactions, while Neil Heyside (neil.heyside@crgpartners.com) has more than 20 years of experience in process improvement, change management and operational re-engineering in the U.K., U.S., Europe and South Africa. CRG Partners was named Turnaround Consulting Firm of the Year by M&A Advisor.

by Michael J. Epstein

This article was co-authored by Neil Heyside. The media and publishing industry — and print publishing in particular — doesn’t have to show up to its own funeral. There’s still opportunity to enable profitable, desirable businesses. We’re not suggesting that a recent uptick in advertising sales is a sign that publishers can go back to […] more »