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by Mark Glaser

Welcome to the 48th episode of the Mediatwits podcast, with Mark Glaser and the Rafat Ali as co-hosts. On this show, we turn to the chaotic soap opera that continues at Yahoo, once an Internet darling on its umpteenth remake. Its new CEO Scott Thompson appears to have padded his bio with a computer science […] more »

by JD Lasica

What will the journalism landscape look like five to 10 years from now? The megatrend of unbundled, specialty-focused niche sources of online information likely spells doom for many of today’s lumbering media giants. But opportunities abound for new players, as well as for daring news brands willing to expand their notions of what it means […] more »

by Mark Glaser

In Part 1 of the great micropayments debate, David Carr tried valiantly to defend the idea of charging for heavy-hitting journalism online, while Mike Masnick disagreed vehemently, saying micropayments would seal the doom of newspaper companies. Can the two debaters be brought together to find some common ground? Read on for Part 2. Major Media […] more »

by Mark Glaser

I am a lover of roundtable discussions and debates, and have turned a long-running series of “virtual email roundtables” into the 5Across video roundtable here on MediaShift. Now I want to start a new series called “New Mediation” in which I take two people on opposing sides of a topic, and try to bring them […] more »