Tag: spundge

by Julie Keck

1. Live analysis of the Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage (NYT) 2. Do we need more kinds of social media that self-destruct the way Snapchat content does? (GigaOm) 3. TV industry-backed second screen app ConnecTV raises $1.4 million (VentureBeat) 4. Journalist search platform Spundge partners with Getty Images and Reuters (Journalism.co.uk) 5. American Society of News Editors census finds 2,600 newsroom […] more »

by A. Adam Glenn

Remember that classic Super Bowl ad showing cowboys herding cats? Well, the challenge may feel much the same for social media users, even adept ones like journalists and journalism educators who revel in the technology’s transformative power but who can find themselves drowning in the torrent that pours non-stop from social platforms like Twitter, Facebook […] more »