Tag: social media in the classroom

by Julie Keck

1. Why higher education cannot afford to lose net neutrality (Jimmy Daly / EdTech Higher Ed) 2. The challenges and rewards of teaching web design (Jeremy Girard / Smashing Magazine) 3. Academics are down on MOOCs; business schools aren’t (Patricia Clark / Bloomberg Businessweek) 4. Teachers avoid social media use for classroom learning, survey finds […] more »

by A. Adam Glenn

Pinterest is the “in” site of 2012, and its phenomenal growth has sparked interest among millions of users. It’s also spread to journalism educators, who are increasingly experimenting with it in the classroom. The social network launched two years ago, but in recent months has drawn red-hot excitement for its unique visual, topic-based curation approach. […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories across the web on journalism and digital education journalism. 1. Study: iPad is a solid education tool (Wired) 2. The 6 things you learn as a journalism mentor (Poynter) 3. Lazy higher-ed journalism (Inside Higher Ed) 4. Why to embrace social media in the classroom (TeachHUB) 5. Teachers on Twitter: It’s all […] more »