Tag: sexism

by Mark Glaser

Are we living in a post-racial world? Not quite. In both the traditional media business and the booming new media and tech businesses, the norm remains white men in charge and setting the agenda. There were stark reminders of that all week. The huge Riptide report from the Shorenstein Center and Nieman Lab was a […] more »

by Mark Glaser

This was not a stellar week for the tech media world. The Riptide project was an in-depth look by news pioneers at early efforts by traditional media to adapt to the rising tide of disruption — and how they failed. The trio of researchers interviewed 61 people, many key players in the early days of […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Sexism ‘public shaming’ via Twitter leads to two getting fired (including the shamer) (Forbes) 2. Sources: Federal Communications Commission Chair to step down (Politico) 3. American news consumers have gained the world but lost their backyards (The Atlantic) 4. How Brown Moses exposed Syrian arms trafficking from his front room (The Guardian) 5. Want […] more »

by Julie Posetti

What action should media employers take when one of their journalists crosses the line on Twitter? And what are the implications for freedom of expression when a news organization seeks to sack, or censor, a journalist over an independently published tweet? These are questions I’ve been pondering as I complete my Ph.D. dissertation on the […] more »