Tag: publishing industry

by Sonia Paul

At MediaShift, our sweet spot is covering the space where technology and media intersect. And what a dynamic space that is — always changing, always shifting. 2014 was no different. As we see it, here are the biggest stories and trends that shaped the media and technology industry in 2014, and will likely reverberate into […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Which publishers are the best at selling e-books? (Forbes) 2. E-book anxieties increase as publishing revolution rolls on (Guardian) 3. Self-published e-books are Nos. 1 and 2 best-sellers, average price drops to all-time low (Digital Book World) 4. HarperCollins debuts enhanced e-book info site (Publishers Weekly) 5. A little competition for Smashwords? (Good E-Reader) […] more »

by Fabrice Neuman

Are the French really an exception? Are they going to be the ones to hang onto paper longer than anyone else and scorn e-books with an Inspector Clouseau-like “non”? Or are they going to be really French about the whole thing and pull an e-revolution on the rest of the unsuspecting world? A recent study, […] more »

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

There’s nothing like giving the gift of reading. And, it used to be that there was one means to that end: Buy a book at a bookstore, perhaps inscribe it, wrap it up and give it. But today, the gift of reading can mean so much more than a wrapped-up book. Today, the literary giver […] more »

by Jason Allen Ashlock

This piece was co-written by Adam Chromy. When Random House and Penguin confirmed last week that they are in talks to merge, publishers, agents and writers coped by doing what they do best: playing word games. While #RandomPenguin and #PenguinHouse swept Twitter, anxiety bubbled beneath the surface. This morning, the news was made official (they […] more »