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by Julie Keck

1. Survey: MOOC students are educated, employed, and male (Gayle Christensen & Brandon Alcorn / Slate) 2. Another day, another edtech giant acquired (Rip Empson / TechCrunch) 3. Who owns the intellectual property rights of MOOCs? (Carl Straumsheim / Inside Higher Ed) 4. Edtech is poised to go mainstream (Sari Factor / Forbes) 5. What’s […] more »

by Lauren Simonis

You’re sitting in the back of a giant lecture hall as a professor goes on about some theory. You’re taking good notes and you like her style, but you’ve never been to her office hours. And while she might remember your face, she definitely doesn’t know your name. You just made a huge mistake. It […] more »

by Zach C. Cohen

How will we teach the next generation of the journalists? Such is the question raised in PBS MediaShift’s “Back to J-School” special, and we want you to help us find out. Will J-schools flip the curriculum, focusing more on digital skills than journalism basics? Will they flip the classroom, moving most learning online and turning […] more »

by Zach C. Cohen

Digital disruption has changed the landscape of the media world, and journalism and communication schools need to figure out how to educate in a time of vast change. The schools themselves need to change too, or risk falling behind. As part of this week’s special “Back to J-School 2013,” in-depth report at MediaShift, this episode […] more »