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by Kate Nash Cunningham

As part of the work we are doing with the New Mexico News Port project at the University of New Mexico covering local elections, one of our goals is to provide a forum to engage readers — and particularly students — with politicians. Our news site was born this semester, and while it’s been populated […] more »

by Alex Kantrowitz

Speaking in front of a packed conference of advertising professionals in New York, Newark Mayor Cory Booker effortlessly shifted from politics to marketing and, when possible, blended the two together. The crowd was into it, as was Booker, who cycled through stories and theories about the role of social media in politics today. One such […] more »

by Maxence Peniguet

The social network platform Twitter broke the one billion tweets barrier as it celebrated its fifth anniversary in March of this year. Since October of 2010, the European Council and its President Herman Van Rompuy have contributed to this record result. Twitter gives politicians a chance to better connect with their voters. Political institutions have […] more »

by Jaron Gilinsky

The new media evangelists who preached of a revolution in British electoral politics will have to wait until at least the next election to see their prophecies come to fruition. In this country steeped in electoral tradition, the impact of new and social media on the 2010 race was minimal. The British still consume high […] more »

by Steven Davy

Politicians are figuring out what social media technologies like blogs, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have to offer: direct access to voters. More than ever before, they can bypass the professional press and deliver an uncensored, unfiltered — and unchecked — message. Mayor Francis Slay “[Social media] allows me to gives my thoughts on the events […] more »

by Megan Taylor

What It Is The New York Times’ Represent is a data aggregator and sorter that points to information about elected representatives in New York City. If New Yorkers enter an address, they can see their political districts (Congressional, Assembly, Senate and City Council) and representatives. Represent will also track what their representatives have been doing […] more »