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by Emily Harris

Raising money, gaining audience, having impact. Despite a $10 million annual budget, 34 reporters, and partnerships with multiple major news organizations, ProPublica faces similar sustainability issues as many startup publishers. ProPublica’s managing editor (set to become editor-in-chief early next year), Stephen Engelberg, spoke with a couple dozen journalists at the University of Oregon’s Turnbull Center […] more »

by Mark Glaser

Pay walls, metered walls, subscriptions, micro-payments. There are so many ways that online publishers are considering charging visitors for content. While most content online was free in the old days of the web, more publications are following the lead of WSJ.com and NYTimes.com and putting up some kind of pay wall — leaky or not. […] more »

by Sandra Ordonez

After almost two decades of working closely with diverse types of techs, I’ve slowly found myself transforming from a nice, sweet, agreeable person to “Saturday Night Live’s” Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy. What I have witnessed has not been pleasant — grown adults acting like 5-year-old children, and then blaming their techs for responding […] more »

by Michele McLellan

Since 2007, Knight-McCormick leadership programs at the Knight Digital Media Center have given me a front-row seat at the transformation of news leadership to meet the demands of the digital age. The more than 100 news leaders who have participated in the programs faced a dizzying array of choices about how to best shape a […] more »