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by Sarah Laskow

I never thought I would be the type of person who pored over wedding magazines. But after I got engaged, I gave into my mother’s desire to descend on the wedding mag section at Barnes & Noble. I figured I could glean intelligence with which to protect myself from the wedding industry. Instead, amid the […] more »

by Jenny Xie

Since launching this past February, Collaboration Central has covered a remarkable number of projects that illustrate what it means to work together in journalism today. Here, we roundup the best practices for collaboration and will continue adding to this list as new successes emerge. Planning a Collaboration “If I’ve learned anything about managing collaborative investigative […] more »

by Colleen Newvine

Editor’s note: Collaboration Central occasionally looks at collaborations outside of the media to glean lessons for what works elsewhere. This story looks at collaboration in the Brooklyn food scene to explore inspiration for media organizations. Collaborative brewing is widespread enough that in 2010 Craftbeer.com ran a lengthy list of collaboration beers under the headline, “Peace, […] more »

by Amanda Hirsch

Did you hear the one about the journalist who used improv skills to do her job better? It’s no punchline: The art of improv offers many lessons for journalists, not least of which is how to collaborate more effectively. I’ve been performing improv since 2004, and in 2010 I started teaching workshops that apply lessons […] more »