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by Julie Keck

1. What the failed Time Warner merger means for us all (S. E. Smith / Salon) 2. House reaches bipartisan deal to end NSA domestic phone spying (Ken Dilanian / Talking Points Memo) 3. Pulitzer-winning paper used online tool from Northwestern’s Knight Lab (John Carpenter / Chicago Tribune) 4. Networks use drones to cover Nepal […] more »

by Melanie Stone

In October, Olga Khazan wrote an opinion piece for The Atlantic about whether journalism schools should require students to learn to code. She made the case that aspiring journalists shouldn’t “waste time” with programming. Instead, they should be freelancing and interning, blazing forward in their quest to attain a job in the field. The article […] more »

by Zach C. Cohen

Among the younger generation in the Middle East, Internet use is surpassing TV, and that could have long-term implications in the region. And that increased engagement online comes with important, unresolved questions about media regulation online, according to new research by Northwestern University in Qatar. The study paints an in-depth picture of the role of […] more »