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by Mark Glaser

This week’s Mediatwits has a Southern flavor, with a preview of the coming South by Southwest confab in Austin, as well as a look at Facebook’s latest rootin’ tootin’ revamp of its newsfeed and what it means for media folks. Our special guest is Joshua Topolsky, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Verge, who will be […] more »

by Susan Currie Sivek

In 1900, Ladies’ Home Journal published an article containing predictions for the year 2000. Though some of the author’s predictions were accurate — Americans are indeed taller, and photographs are now sent around the world — one key point was missing. The author didn’t imagine that in the new millennium, the very magazine that published […] more »

by Susan Currie Sivek

I’ll take the Florentine lasagna, please, with a 2D barcode and a mobile app on the side. Food magazines pride themselves on delectable recipes and luscious photography. Recipe.com, whose title is also its website’s URL, is a new publication from magazine giant Meredith, and while every recipe is indeed accompanied by a photo, the print […] more »