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by Michele McLellan

When I first started studying an emergent group of local online news startups in 2009, it was because I was skeptical of a narrative that went something like this: Newspapers had to be saved because the only alternative was angry bloggers who couldn’t be trusted with the facts. As a few years passed, the narrative […] more »

by Tanja Aitamurto

While newspapers in the U.S. are struggling to find ways to fund online content, Aftonbladet, the most read newspaper in Sweden has been successfully charging for online content for several years. Here’s a look at how paid content is working in Sweden. Aftonbladet: Early to the Web Aftonbladet, founded in 1830, is one of the […] more »

by Craig Silverman

Late last month, an ad for a new job appeared on the Guardian’s careers website. The position for “General Manager – Guardian Club” was notable because it signaled an important initiative at the paper in the form of a new entity, the Guardian Club. “The club will make our most committed readers/users feel they are […] more »