Tag: investigative journalism

by Alison Bass

When I moved to Morgantown almost three years ago to teach journalism at West Virginia University, the sketchiness of the local news coverage shocked me. The one newspaper that covers the Morgantown area is owned by a family who have amassed a fortune in the coal and limestone industries, and the paper either doesn’t know […] more »

by Larry Dailey

It was creepy. A noted journalist was in my office. I granted him permission to connect to the organization’s computer network. After that, he told me that he was going to connect to a “virtual private network.” I remember wondering what kind of Bob Woodward, James Bond or — er — Larry Flynt activities this […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. The group that rules the Web (Paul Ford / The New Yorker) 2. Aereo files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (Jordan Crook / TechCrunch) 3. Laura Poitras and Amy Goodman to receive I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence (Nieman Foundation) 4. Lessons on censorship from Syria’s internet filter machines (Emiliano De Cristofaro / The Conversation) […] more »

by Jan Schaffer

J-Lab director Jan Schaffer is wrapping up 20 years of raising money to give it away to fund news startups, innovations and pilot projects. She is pivoting J-Lab to do discrete projects and custom training and advising that build on her expertise. After two decades of work at the forefront of journalism innovations, interactive journalism […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Amazon and Hachette resolve dispute (David Streitfeld / New York Times) 2. John Cook’s rehire is sign of new, integrated editorial approach at Gawker Media (Andrew Beaujon / Poynter) 3. Why the new social network “This” is a Facebook alternative that actually makes sense (David Holmes / PandoDaily) 4. StoryTracker is a new tool […] more »

by Cathy O'Neil

This all began at Joe’s Coffee on the Columbia University campus one morning last spring. Mark Hansen was then teaching journalism students who didn’t know much about data or computing. I was working with engineers and skilled data people, who didn’t understand how important storytelling is to problem-solving, especially because different choices, which might seem minute […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. WVU drops ‘journalism’ from j-school’s name (Andrew Beaujon / Poynter) 2. ProPublica opens Data Store with free and ‘premium’ data (Rachel Bartlett / Journalism.co.uk) 3. Investigative Journalism Education Consortium launches new initiative, expands resources (Brant Houston / IJEC) 4. Google announces an online data interpretation MOOC for the general public (Gregory Ferenstein / TechCrunch) […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Jeff Bezos’ big 60 Minutes reveal: Delivery drones and private cloud (Barb Darrow / GigaOm) 2. Turning to public to back investigative journalism (Leslie Kaufman / New York Times) 3. Detective.io launches as platform for data investigations (Alastair Reid / Journalism.co.uk) 4. Viral content is going to be a terrible business model (Bryan Goldberg […] more »

by Mark Glaser

A few years ago, many legacy news organizations were cutting investigative staffs to the bone, trying to cut costs as revenues were dropping. And everyone knows that investigative journalism costs a lot of money and isn’t always the most “monetizable” content. But things have truly shifted recently, with online-native newsrooms such as Huffington Post and […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. National Security Agency collecting millons of phone calls of Verizon customers (Guardian) 2. Value of social media apparent after failure of local media in Turkey (paidContent) 3. Bradley Manning Wikileaks trial characterized by secrecy, security (Huffington Post) 4. GOP-led Wisconsin legislature aims to push investigative journalists off campus (Columbia Journalism Review) 5. Ex-Reuters editor launches breaking news site (The Next Web) 6. How Russia Today reached 1 billion […] more »