Tag: immigration reform

by Julie Keck

1. At front lines, bearing witness in real time (David Carr / The New York Times) 2. MH17: How Storyful’s ‘social sleuthing’ helped verify evidence (Ben Cardew / The Guardian) 3. With immigration reform off the agenda, some in tech turn to Plan B (Hayley Tsukayama / The Washington Post) 4. The newsonomics of how […] more »

by Alex Kantrowitz

In the middle of his college career at Arizona State University, Celso Mireles, an undocumented student, received some disheartening news. Under a new law called Proposition 300, his full academic scholarship, and the ability to pay in-state tuition, were going to disappear. Basically overnight, Mireles went from having to pay nothing for his education to […] more »