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by Rachele Kanigel

On the first day of most of my classes, I invite students to introduce themselves by describing their dream job. Without fail at least one — or sometimes two or three out of a class of 20 — will share their ambition to become a foreign correspondent. A photojournalism student fantasizes about capturing life in […] more »

by Rachele Kanigel

As a journalism professor at San Francisco State University in one of the most diverse cities in the world, I struggle to get my students to report outside their comfort zones. In my classes, I urge them to interview not just strangers, but people very much unlike themselves — older people, people with different politics, […] more »

by Kat Russell

Who knew that an email could change my life? I certainly wasn’t expecting that when I opened the mass email sent out by my adviser. But there it was: The Istanbul Project. If the “powers that be” saw fit, I was to study international reporting and foreign correspondence in Istanbul for four weeks with ieiMedia […] more »