Tag: flash

by Mark Glaser

BERLIN — I threw a party here on April 17 in order to compare the Apple iPad tablet with the new WePad that’s being produced by the Berlin-based company Neofonie. I found that the WePad had many things the iPad was lacking — Flash support, a webcam, multi-tasking and more — but at the time, […] more »

by Jason Feinberg

There is an entire school of thought, as well as a sizable industry, dedicated to the optimization of websites to show up higher in Google search rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques vary from simple content changes to tricks that game Google’s system, referred to as “black hat” SEO. Optimization can be a complex topic […] more »

by Roland Legrand

Life is tough for the newspaper industry these days, and survival is not assured. Whatever strategy a newspaper takes, one thing is for sure: They need to keep costs low. Yet newspapers still need to compile compelling content that can engage their reading communities. Social media can help a great deal in solving this problem. […] more »

by Mark Glaser

BERKELEY, CALIF. — The week-long training at UC Berkeley in multimedia has now moved to a new phase. After getting basic background on audio, video and photographic equipment, we went out into the field on our group’s assignment. My group, Team Gecko, went to visit Professor Robert Full to learn about the work he’s done […] more »

by Mark Glaser

The News21 initiative had grand designs to provide fellowships to 44 bright journalism and political science graduate students, and have them create innovative, cutting edge — and sellable — work. In the first year, the Northwestern University fellows broke ground with a Flash-based story on Digital Data Trails and the UC Berkeley fellows had their […] more »