Open Source Flash Games

    by Fabio Berzaghi
    April 25, 2008

    Here is another update from our research assistant on the “Playing the News” project. The team has been exploring “mini-games” that would provide a challenge as players move through the information from the news stories. Fabio has discovered some open source flash sites that might help.

    “As I mentioned in my earlier post, this week I started looking into open source flash games that could be adapted for our purpose. After some research on the web, I found this website http://www.flashadvisor.com/movie/index.php?viewCat=24 . It’s called Flash Advisor and it’s a collection of resources for Flash programmers and what not. I went through and played almost every single game, since the descriptions of the game aren’t really that explicative.

    I found out that most games did not suit our needs. But there were a few concepts that could be used. One is a memory game, which we already talked about with the Johnson Simulation Center, but this one is ready to go, it’s pretty simple so I am not even sure if the developers would like to edit this one or just create one from scratch. Here’s the link http://www.flashadvisor.com/movie/display/141.html . I also bumped into a website with a couple of quiz/find-the-words games that could be used, since we mentioned using a crossword type of game. Here the links http://edufun.bravehost.com/housegame1.html http://edufun.bravehost.com/wordsearch.html .


    I thought that the adventure with the quiz was somewhat interesting, because you could see yourself proceeding in the game towards an objective. The last one I’d like to mention is a logic game, http://www.flashadvisor.com/movie/display/250.html, I really liked the concept but I didn’t understand why the squares don’t disappear. I think I would use it and put the information behind the squares, so the players slowly unveil the information. That is another concept we are trying to exploit. Or maybe the squares could contain part of sentences and the players need to construct a complete sentence.

    Stay Tuned.

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    7 responses to “Open Source Flash Games”

    1. How about if you worked with a site like ours? You could use it for the vocabulary component of the site. Or, for more elaborate games, we could collaborate.

      Right now, anyone can add a list. And you can use anybody else’s list (our mechanism for finding lists is still in development).

      We are adding games at the rate of one per month. This month should be our first vocabulary game. We bought http://www.Vocabulary.co.il to get some flash source to work with on this site so you can see where we are headed….

    2. BTW – another source of source for great games is FlashU.com. We use it.

    3. Amanda says:

      Hmm. But releasing the SWX code that you used to write a game, or using free and open pieces of code written for Flash — those don’t change the fact that Flash isn’t free software.

    4. Hmm. But releasing the SWX code that you used to write a game, or using free and open pieces of code written for Flash — those don’t change the fact that Flash isn’t free software.

    5. Webkinz says:

      any updates on this? did you find anything that suited your needs?

    6. Nikos says:

      Are there any good games in as3 there that I could turn into a rts game?

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