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by Ben DeJarnette

“Redefining Engagement” is a special 11-part series on the progress, promise and potential challenges of community engagement in journalism. The series, produced by the Agora Journalism Center, will be published in serial this month by MediaShift. Click here for the full series. There perhaps was no journalistic buzzword more widely discussed in 2015 than “engagement.” […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. The next political battleground: Your phone (Tanzina Vega / CNN Politics) 2. NYT calls for letting PATRIOT Act expire (Adam B. Lerner / Politico) 3. Legal risks to creative innovation and research at college (J. Nathan Matias / MIT Center for Civic Media) 4. Vox works with McClatchy to bring explainers to local readers […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Can the Boston Phoenix’s digital history be saved? (Valerie Vande Panne / Columbia Journalism Review) 2. Lessons on using WhatsApp for publishing – an election experience (Paul Bradshaw / Online Journalism Blog) 3. Survey: News orgs are prioritizing mobile development, placing less emphasis on paywalls (Joseph Lichterman / Nieman Lab) 4. YouTube wrongly forced […] more »

by Terry Parris Jr.

At Ustream we live for breaking news and the live event. We went all out for the iPhone 5 announcement (6 million total views and 650,000 concurrent viewers), the presidential debates (3.5 million for the first debate alone) and most recently coverage of Hurricane Sandy. We’re going after the election the same way. The live […] more »

by Amanda Hirsch

“WisconsinVote.org is a great example of a collaboration between a public television and radio station to create a service for the community,” said Ann Alquist, director of Radio Engagement at the National Center for Media Engagement (NCME), via email. The site, which offers comprehensive election coverage and resources for Wisconsin voters, is a joint project […] more »

by Terri Thornton

Social Media content on MediaShift is sponsored by the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships, a program offering innovative and entrepreneurial journalists the resources of Stanford University and Silicon Valley. Learn more here. When Joshua Levs left NPR’s Atlanta Bureau to become a correspondent for CNN, he found that something was missing. Specifically, it was time. […] more »

by Clothilde Le Coz

Japanese journalist Toru Yamaji, the head of the Tokyo-based news agency APF, was arrested over the weekend in the eastern border town of Myawaddy, Burma, after reportedly entering from Thailand. He was taken by helicopter to the Burmese capital, Naypyitaw, for questioning by military intelligence. Yamaji was attempting to report on the ongoing elections in […] more »

by Mark Glaser

4MR is sponsored by Carnegie-Knight News21, an alliance of 12 journalism schools in which top students tell complex stories in inventive ways. See tips for spurring innovation and digital learning at Learn.News21.com. In this week’s 4MR podcast I talk with Sunlight Foundation’s Ellen Miller about their efforts to track down the biggest donors in this […] more »

by Corbin Hiar

Click here to read the entire series The biggest story of the U.S. midterm election has been the growing influence of the Tea Party movement. Since their first rallies in early 2009, these vocal, visible conservatives have succeeded in shifting the center of American political discourse to the right. This election cycle, Tea Partiers have […] more »

by Steven Davy

The experiments that took place with Facebook and Twitter during the 2008 presidential campaign are now viewed as standard operating procedure just two years later. Will the same be said about location-based services come 2012? Foursquare and Gowalla are the current crowned kings of geo-location and have been getting regular mentions in the tech blogosphere […] more »