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by Julie Keck

1. “The dirty secret about the web media business is that there’s a massive oversupply problem.” (Reuters) 2. Shrinking print opportunities send journalists into the arms of branded content (New York Observer) 3. Jihadists use social media, too (Fast Company) 4. Copy editors ‘have been sacrificed more than any other newsroom category‘ (Poynter) 5. What’s […] more »

by Jenny Xie

In August, journalists, editors, and other digital media producers tuned in to the biweekly web journalist Twitter chat (#wjchat) to share their collaboration experiences. The chat covered a wide range of topics, from qualities of the ideal collaborator to working with members of the public. Here is a record of the questions and popular answers […] more »

by Anne Nelson

From what I can tell, most of my fellow educators spend more time criticizing Wikipedia than engaging with it. The conversation tends to go round in a fairly tiresome circle: The first educator points to an article on the subject of his/her expertise and points to a glaring error to demonstrate that the whole enterprise […] more »