Tag: editorial wall

by Deb Wenger

Journalism educators can sometimes feel under attack, as very rarely does any report about the state of journalism education provide glowing reviews of what we’re doing in the hallowed halls of academia. So at the risk of piling on, here’s one more suggestion: Teach your students more about the business of journalism. In the Knight […] more »

by Dena Levitz

The ironclad, “Romeo and Juliet”-style firewall that’s long existed between media companies’ news and business divisions has become outdated. It’s no longer a question of whether to break down the wall but how. Coming from the editorial side, as I am, that’s an uncomfortable premise. But I’m learning during my studies at American University’s Media […] more »

by Dorian Benkoil

For too long, reporters and editors have been unaware, even hostile to the business sides of their organizations. Those attitudes have helped push the news industry into its current dire state. And that’s why I say: Tear down the wall between business and editorial. Before you start sharpening your pitchforks, hear me out. I’m not […] more »