Tag: democratic convention

by Mark Glaser

You will not be surprised to hear that the upcoming political conventions in the U.S. will be all over social media. Not only will it be a hashtag bonanza on Twitter and a like-fest on Facebook, but both conventions will be live-streamed, gavel to gavel, on YouTube. So what’s your plan on tuning into the […] more »

by Laura Hertzfeld

Laura Hertzfeld DENVER — Even for members of the traditional media here in Denver, access to floor seating at the convention has been scarce, and talk time with politicians and celebrities at the Democratic National Convention is a game of persistence and luck. Some days you see all the newsmakers, other days you’re stuck on […] more »

by Mark Glaser

In 2004, the major political conventions gave a few dozen bloggers press credentials, a historic moment for the new media outsiders. And this year, the political conventions have tried to be even more open to bloggers, video reporters, podcasters and new media. The Democratic convention credentialed 120 bloggers, and the GOP has credentialed 200 bloggers, […] more »