Tag: data driven journalism

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

1. Dean Baquet Responds To Jay Carney’s Medium Post (Dean Baquet / Medium) 2. In The Battle of Amazon vs. The New York Times, Who Wins? You Do (Mathew Ingram / Fortune) 3. Apple Music Has 6.5 Million Paying Subscribers (Peter Kafka / re/code) 4. CNN Unveils Millennial-Targeted Video Site Great Big Story (Jeanine Poggi […] more »

by Cindy Royal

This summer, I had the opportunity to spend a few weeks on the East Coast visiting a range of digital media organizations. I had been planning to do this for quite some time, really embed with the most prominent teams doing data and programming in media, with the goal of bringing back real-world insight to the classroom. So […] more »

by Reuben Stern

This week we explore three examples that mine electronic Web data to inform news coverage. PART 1: Vocativ The news organization Vocativ uses sophisticated online surveillance tools that dive into the “deep Web” to find and surface newsworthy items. Chief Executive Officer Scott Cohen tells us how the combination of intelligence technology, data analysts and […] more »

by Meredith Broussard

For the third installment of her Educational Thought Leader series, Arcadia University education professor Kira J. Baker-Doyle and I had a conversation about a data journalism project that uses big data to uncover inequality in Philadelphia public schools. Baker-Doyle is the author of The Networked Teacher: How New Teachers Build Social Networks for Professional Support. Our […] more »

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

1. The (online) media’s shameful Malaysia Airlines coverage: Gawking at a foreign disaster (Nicholas Quah / Salon) 2. How Twitter confirmed the explosion in Harlem first (Ted Bailey, Dataminr / GigaOm) 3. New cash, new questions for Business Insider (Michael Wolff / USA Today) 4. Explaining what’s behind the sudden allure of explanatory journalism (John […] more »

by Amy Schmitz Weiss

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have become a hot topic this year in the press. It seems on a daily basis there is some article or blog post talking about the latest MOOC platform, MOOC course being offered or debate surrounding the issue regarding this type of learning. It should be no surprise that the […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. How Slate doubled Facebook referrals in less than a year (Poynter) 2. ‘National Geographic’ named Best Tablet Magazine of 2013 (Mashable) 3. Laid-off Storyboard editor Jessica Bennett talks the pros and cons of trying to do real journalism at a non-media company (Columbia Journalism Review) 4. Why data-driven documentation is the future of online […] more »