Tag: Cosmopolitan

by Julie Keck

1. Pay-as-you-read e-bookselling won’t make it off the shelves (ReadWrite) 2. Apple CEO Cook ordered to testify in e-books case (Reuters) 3. Agent Mollie Glick on trends, self-publishing and truth vs. fiction (Huffington Post) 4. Cosmo, Harlequin to kick off e-book line (PaidContent.org) 5. SXSW 2013: Self-publishing, David Carr, and the ‘theology of free’ (Publishers […] more »

by Mark Drapeau

Picture this: You’re waiting in line at your favorite local drugstore or grocery store and have two minutes to kill. What do you do? Five years ago, many people would flip through one of the many magazines positioned near the checkout counter: Cosmo, maybe, or Esquire. In 2013, we still browse and buy magazines in […] more »