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by Ryan Frank

The party, the pizza, the beer and a duck changed everything for our campus newspaper. On a warm October night last fall, 500 students celebrated the start of our Revolution. They sipped Revolutionale beer and swarmed the free pizza. They danced to the DJ and goofed off at the photo booth with the Duck — the […] more »

by Ryan Frank

We’re about to close the book on the Oregon Daily Emerald. After 92 years, the University of Oregon’s newspaper will end its run as a Monday-to-Friday operation in June. Yes, it’s the end of an era, and we’re sad about that. But it’s also the start of a new era, the digital one. Next fall, […] more »

by Dan Reimold

The Daily O’Collegian at Oklahoma State University is enjoying marginal success with its metered pay wall a bit more than a year after enacting it. At the start of spring semester 2011, the paper became the first U.S. student media outlet to charge a subset of readers for its content online, requiring a $10 yearly […] more »

by Alexa Capeloto

It was just over a year ago that a college newspaper in Oklahoma became a digital media pioneer. In what was believed to be a first for a college news outlet, The Daily O’Collegian at Oklahoma State University began charging for online content. Sure, the Wall Street Journal, Times of London and other professional publications […] more »