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by Yaqiu Wang

China’s journalists and bloggers, already under threat of persecution, have faced┬ánew risks since┬áNovember 1, when amendments to the country’s criminal law came into effect. Under the amendment, passed in August by the legislative body the National People’s Congress, those convicted of spreading false news about disasters or epidemics will face harsh penalties. The clause added […] more »

by Andy Yee

In the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs in early March of this year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted that her country is losing the “information war,” naming China’s CCTV, along with Al Jazeera and Russia Today, as key rivals. “During the Cold War we did a great job in getting America’s message out. […] more »

by Colin Rhinesmith

The Public Media 2.0 series on MediaShift is sponsored by American University’s Center for Social Media (CSM) through a grant from the Ford Foundation. Learn more about CSM’s research on emerging public media trends and standards at futureofpublicmedia.net. Around the country, community media centers are launching exciting new collaborations with local organizations, neighborhood activists, schools, […] more »