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by Julie Keck

1. Facebook’s #hashtags will be great for marketers…users, not so much (GigaOm) 2. Offering NSA whistleblower Snowden aid, Wikileaks gets back in the game (NYT) 3. Keeping your data private denies you access to the latest tech (Wired) 4. WSJ: Facebook working on Flipboard-style mobile news reader (The Verge) 5. FTC reviewing Google’s Waze acquisition (AllThingsD) 6. Viral Dove ‘Sketches’ campaign takes highest award at Cannes (AdAge) […] more »

by Amanda Lin Costa

I sat down at DOC NYC last week to speak with one of the most influential men in documentary film, Thom Powers, about the role social media and digital are playing in film festivals. Powers is not only the artistic director of DOC NYC, but is a programmer at the Toronto Film Festival, Miami Film […] more »