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by Global Voices Advocacy Netizen Report Team

Global Voices Advocacy’s Netizen Report offers an international snapshot of challenges, victories and emerging trends in Internet rights around the world. In October of 2014, several Twitter users were arrested in Venezuela shortly following the assassination of Robert Serra, a young congressional deputy who was stabbed to death in his home on October 1, 2014. But information […] more »

by Roland Legrand

In recent weeks we at De Tijd, a Belgian newspaper, have been experimenting with chat sessions where members of the Belgian government are brought in to discuss politics with our community. I’m very enthusiastic about this because I feel that our newspaper has enabled its community to have a direct, high-quality conversation with policy makers. […] more »

by Roland Legrand

At Mediafin, we started the year with some ambitious plans for our blogging activities. We want to create new blogs to involve more people, but we also want to become more active on our existing blogs. I’ll tell you about what we’re doing, the reasons behind it and how things seem to be working out […] more »

by Roland Legrand

Roland Legrand Most forums and websites are “asynchronous media” — meaning that the people you see participating in an online conversation aren’t all necessarily online at the same time. One person posts a comment in a forum on Monday, a second poster might reply on Tuesday, the original poster returns again on Thursday, and so […] more »