Marlowe Hood

Marlowe Hood is the editor of AFP’s thematic blogs, including one on geopolitics, and co-developer of the data-journalism app the e-diplomacy hub. Armed with a graduate degree in Chinese studies, Marlowe began his journalism career in the mid-1980s in China where he reported for the Wall Street Journal and US News and World Report before setting up the South China Morning Post’s first Beijing Bureau. He left China a few months after the June 4, 1989 uprising and settled into a five-year stint in New York as a freelancer specializing in Asia. He joined AFP in Paris in 1995, working in graphics, web development and, most recently, as a science/environment correspondent covering climate change.

by Marlowe Hood

Here’s my quandary: If I deliver, as promised, a warts-and-all account of how Agence France Presse’s Twitter-based application the e-diplomacy hub came to be, I risk irritating our developer, getting rapped on the knuckles by my CEO, and provoking the good folks at Twitter who, make no mistake, can pull the plug on our ambitious […] more »