Marcy Goldman

Marcy Goldman, IACP Julia Child Cookbook Award nominee, is a non-fiction writer, master baker and host of Since 1997, has welcomed millions of home bakers offering original, fresh recipes along with a professional baker tricks of the trade. Goldman has been a feature contributor to Martha Stewart Sirius, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bon Appetit, Epicurious and Costco Connection. She’s the author of several best-selling cookbooks, including "When Bakers Cook," "A Passion for Baking," "A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking," "The Best of" and a book of prose, "Love and Ordinary Things." A fragrance and scent consultant, Goldman is also the host of and as an avid tango dancer, she has created She is currently at work on a memoir on tango, a book on scent, and a series of baking e-books. Her imprint is She resides in Montreal, Canada.