Jessica Dheere

Jessica Dheere is a freelance journalist and media consultant in Beirut. She directs the "Social Media Exchange":http://socialmediaexchange.blogspot.com/, which provides training to civil society actors in the strategic use of social media for social change, and also teaches workshops in online and citizen journalism in the Journalism Training Program at the American University of Beirut.

by Jessica Dheere

Recently, I learned from Joshua Landis’ Syria Comment, my main source for news and analysis concerning Lebanon’s eastern neighbor, that Google has blocked the use of its new web browser, Chrome, in Syria. A quick Google search turned up a post by Syrian blogger Yaser Sadeq with an account of his abortive attempt to take […] more »

by Jessica Dheere

Jessica Dheere BEIRUT — A quick look at the Regions sidebar on DigiActive, a nine-month old blog that catalogs how activists use digital tools, reveals something unexpected. The site details case studies of online activists from around the world, but by far the largest number of stories involve bloggers from the Middle East and North […] more »