Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis is a multimedia journalist and documentary videomaker. His work has been honored in the FotoweekDC Awards, the College Photographer of the Year Awards, and North Carolina Photographer of the Year competition. Joshua recently earned his master's degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and previously worked as an editor on projects for RollingStone.com, PBS Frontline, Arte and the Travel Channel. He has served as adjunct faculty at New York University, coached the 2012 Carolina Photojournalism Workshop and taught courses as an Apple Certified Final Cut Pro editing instructor. In his free time, Joshua enjoys traveling and practicing Spanish. Follow him on Twitter "@joshabla":https://twitter.com/joshabla and see his portfolio of work "here":http://www.joshdavis.org/.

by Joshua Davis

‘Tis the season for reading — both print and e-books. But can the two really coexist? For this video report (below), I checked in with three bookstores in Chapel Hill and Durham, N.C., and asked store managers and customers whether they preferred print or e-books. Click to read the whole series. Some of their answers […] more »

by Joshua Davis

I like to talk politics. So during the final presidential debate, I found myself circled around my television with friends, dissecting the minute details — from the slow pace of Barack Obama’s speech to the sweat on Mitt Romney’s lip — that make such an event worth watching. And then it happened. Obama told Romney, […] more »