Geoff McGhee

Geoff McGhee ("@mcgeoff": is the Creative Director for Media and Communications at the "Bill Lane Center for the American West":, a research, teaching and reporting institute at Stanford University. Prior to joining the center in 2010, he spent a decade doing infographics, multimedia and video for online news at The New York Times, ABC News and France's Le Monde, where he worked on a wide range of stories, ranging from war and politics to natural disasters, history, art, and culture. 2009-2010, he spent a John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University studying "data visualization"::, which resulted in the widely cited web documentary "Journalism in the Age of Data."

by Geoff McGhee

In our small lab at Stanford University, we’ve been prototyping new models of collaboration that bring journalists together with university researchers and scholars. We’re eager to share them because we hope that others will take them up, use them, and improve upon them. We believe journalists and scholars and researchers can — and should — […] more »