Chris Pursell

Chris Pursell has been in the trenches of television since the 90s, serving as a reporter and editor for such publications as Daily Variety, Variety, and TelevisionWeek and has held executive positions at studios such as Sony Pictures Television. He recently held the position of Vice President of Content Innovation for PromaxBDA, launching and serving as editor-in-chief of Brief magazine as well as Daily Brief, and currently serves as Managing Editor of Cynopsis Sports.

by Chris Pursell

In a second-quarter earnings letter to investors distributed last month, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the biggest threats to his business weren’t the likes of Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus, but applications such as HBO Go. “HBO subscribers can watch HBO on-demand through their MVPD (multichannel video programming distributor) provider web interface (DishOnline.com, say), or […] more »

by Chris Pursell

Click here to read the whole series With recent news that the Nintendo 3DS can now stream videos via Netflix, and iPhones becoming a regular accessory in schools, a world of content has now shifted to the fingertips of youth. But the influx of technology and access to the content have raised concerns over how […] more »