Alex Park

Alex Park is an investigative reporter with a particular interest in the frontier world of foreign direct investment in Africa. As a journalist, he has reported in the Bay Area and abroad. Since beginning in 2008, he has blogged in South Africa and reported on Northern Cyprus. In college, he also published an award-winning sociology paper on a 2008 period of anti-immigrant violence in South Africa, since cited multiple times in various academic works on the subject. Currently, his interest lies in charting new methods of collaboration between Western and African journalists to explain complex, global systems -- be they governments, conflicts, trade patterns, or waves of immigration -- for a general audience.

by Alex Park

That a story can give voice to a cause and incite a social movement is an old concept. But at a recent gathering of more than 100 documentary filmmakers, social entrepreneurs and designers, the real question was not whether stories can make change happen, but how to make storytelling a systemic part of how a […] more »