Tag: tech overload

by Paul Barnwell

“I feel like a trailblazer Mr. Barnwell!”  Courtney exclaimed to me. She was a junior at Fern Creek Traditional High School in Louisville, Ky., and told me this early in the school year. She was in front of an iMac desktop, engaging in a blog debate on the usefulness of Twitter in the high school […] more »

by Mark Glaser

All week long, PBS MediaShift has been running a special series Unplug 2012 about our need to take breaks from the immersion of technology and media in our lives. As much as we love having smartphones, tablets and always-on access to our favorite TV shows, podcasts, blogs and social streams, we all need a break […] more »

by Sandra Ordonez

Click to read the entire series The Internet’s reach is so pervasive, it feels as though it has always been around. The reality is that the web is still in its infancy, and we don’t really understand the risks it poses to our mental health. In fact, various experts, such as Larry D. Rosen, a […] more »