Tag: syndication

by Julie Keck

1. Sports Illustrated unveils a new web design and a fantasy sports app (Anthony Ha / TechCrunch) 2. Companies refine social media strategies to stress quality over quantity of fans (Jeff Elder / Wall Street Journal) 3. Yahoo wants you to linger (on the ads, too) (Vindu Goel / New York Times) 4. Lack of […] more »

by Simon Owens

Earlier this month, Randall Munroe, creator of the hugely popular web comic xkcd, announced on his blog that he would be publishing a book collection of the strip. Given the number of six-figure book deals that major book publishers have thrust upon popular bloggers, there’s little doubt that Munroe’s millions of monthly readers could have […] more »

by Mark Glaser

With Examiner.com recently buying out citizen media site NowPublic for a reported $25 million, the attention turned to similar independent sites such as Allvoices. Would it now become buyout fodder for a mainstream media company, or would it suffer the fate of so many citizen journalism sites that came before it, shutting down before finding […] more »