Tag: spot.us

by Tanja Aitamurto

Platforms such as Spot.Us and Kickstarter have shown that crowdfunding can work as a financing mechanism for journalism. We will likely see more crowdfunded stories in the future, which means it’s important study how crowdfunding impacts journalism and the role and work of a journalist. I’m currently in the process of completing a Ph.D. project […] more »

by Mark Glaser

This episode of 4MR is brought to you by GoDaddy, helping you set up your own website in a snap with domain name registration, web hosting and 24/7 support. Visit GoDaddy to learn more. Here’s the latest 4MR audio report from MediaShift. In this week’s edition, I look at the trouble Google is having in […] more »

by Ira Basen

In 1978, in the middle of a deep economic recession, an 18 year-old girl named Dolly Freed wrote a book about living in a non-monetary economy called “Possum Living: How to live well without a job and with almost no money.” The book described how Dolly and her father were able to live happily in […] more »

by Mark Glaser

Bands do it. Filmmakers do it. President-elect Barack Obama made an artform out of it. “It” is crowdfunding, getting micro-donations through the Internet to help fund a venture. The question is whether crowdfunding can work on a larger scale to help fund traditional journalism, which is being hit by the twin storms of readership and […] more »