Tag: nokia

by Julie Keck

1. Microsoft to buy Nokia’s device business in deal worth over $7 billion (AllThingsD) 2. CBS returns, triumphant, to cable box (NYT) 3. Jeffrey Bezos, the Washington Post’s next owner, aims for a ‘new golden era’ at the paper (Washington Post) 4. Vimeo starts funding indie films to broaden its on demand platform (PaidContent) 5. […] more »

by Nathan Gibbs

Here are the best stories about media and technology from across the web. 1. Anti-piracy bill worries free speech advocates (CNET News) 2. “The safety of anonymous sources will depend not only on journalists’ ethics, but on their computer skills” (New York Times) 3. Netflix cuts 15 jobs after subscriber loss (Bloomberg) 4. Warner Brothers stops […] more »

by Patrick Mork

Smartphones are ushering in the next wave of news consumption. These devices present an exciting opportunity for the news media to go mobile, putting endless information and the possibility of engagement in the palm of every consumer’s hand. But what characterizes the new mobile news consumer? How does he or she interact with news? And […] more »