Tag: laptops

by Katherine Krueger

College affordability has quickly become one of the defining issues that shapes the way students shop for schools. And the price tag of it all remains top of mind when students make decisions about what supplies they’ll haul off to start college. For many, buying a laptop ahead of the transition has become a forgone […] more »

by Clay Shirky

I teach theory and practice of social media at NYU, and am an advocate and activist for the free culture movement, so I’m a pretty unlikely candidate for Internet censor, but I have just asked the students in my fall seminar to refrain from using laptops, tablets and phones in class. I came late and […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories across the web on journalism and digital education 1. Apps help students, teachers learn in real time (AP) 2. Survey: Chinese students use technology more comprehensively than Americans (GigaOm) 3. UCLA kills proposed online program focused on immigrants’ rights (LA Times) 4. University of Iowa forms online partnership with Iowa Central Community […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories across the web on journalism and digital education 1. 9/11 museum mixes education and technology (RNN) 2. How to talk about technology in education without losing your mind to fear (Boing Boing) 3. India’s education system not keeping up with technology, Indian official says (NY Daily News) 4. A school switches from […] more »

by Clyde Bentley

For the first time in my career last week, I went to work naked. I had the requisite snazzy shirt and tie, but I showed up at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, without my laptop computer and without my camera. I had decided to go all mobile. I’m one of those reporters who […] more »

by David Teeghman

This story originally appeared on J-School Buzz and was edited and adapted for MediaShift with permission. It was written by David Teeghman, a recent graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism. To incoming students in the Missouri School of Journalism planning to buy an Apple MacBook just because it’s a J-School requirement, don’t do it. […] more »