Tag: hacker

by Julie Keck

1. Video app Vine doesn’t have an adult content problem; Apple has a policy problem (The Verge) 2. Blurring the line between between advertising and content (OnTheMedia) 3. What’s the difference between a hacker and a criminal? (NYT) 4. Should small businesses outsource their social media work? (Guardian) 5. One way to get canned? Ask for […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories across the web on media and technology, curated by Lily Leung 1. AP no longer listed as a ‘collaborator’ in latest Wikileak doc dump  (Atlantic Wire) 2. Twitter expected to share big search news today (Mashable) 3. Crowdsourced translations take Twitter to 30 languages (The Next Web) 4. The rise of ‘hacker […] more »